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Origin Punjab, India (Vardhman) &
Tuscany, Italy (Morini)

Certifaction Global Organic Textiles Standard

Established 1965 & 1966


Like a chocolate on your hotel pillow or a perfect after-dinner scotch, Daveed’s finishes add character and joy to your bag – and longevity too.

For our linings, we unconventionally turned to the tightly woven twill fabric most often used in chef’s uniforms. No cheap, toxic nylon for us. Instead, we wanted the optimal combination of soft hand-feel and substantial durability.

On average, 10 clips and snaps adorn each of our bags. For these, we partnered with the global leader in luxury bag hardware, Florence-based ABC Morini. Bellissima!

Unique Features:

  • Responsibly Refined: 7 oz twill linings are made of 65% recycled water bottles and 35% organic cotton. The perfect blend of luxury, responsibility, and durability
  • Clear Conscience: Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS) certified
  • Rich and Classic: Burgundy and navy signature lining colours
  • Forward Ever, Backward Never: The Tuscan-made swivel clips ensure there’s no backwards way to attach the strap to your bag – they always rotate to the right place
  • Superior Snaps: Interior snaps are covered with leather – an extra level of refinement
  • Long Lasting Luxury: Clips and snaps made of durable zinc alloy that offers high corrosion resistance

Vardhman has grown exponentially from its humble beginnings

Purposeful Partners From Start To Finishes

When we envisioned how Daveed bags would be made, we knew the small details would make a big difference. We set out to create something better. We needed to find the best partners in the world who shared our obsession with quality and intention in order to bring this vision to life.

We couldn’t be more proud of the history and ethos of ABC Morini and Vardhman Textiles and our partnership with them.

ABC Morini

ABC Morini recently celebrated its 50th anniversary and continues to lead and innovate in the hardware space. For half a century, every single accessory has been touched, observed, and the aesthetic and functional features are verified by Tuscan craftsmen before they are released into the world.

Vardhman Textiles

Established in 1962, India-based Vardhman Textiles began with 6,000 spindles, manufacturing cotton yarn. Today, they are a global leader in sustainable textiles. Believers in continuous improvement, Vardhman’s commitment to enduring quality remains central to their business ethos. Their core principle is “leadership through excellence.”

Ethics & Sustainability

Even 50 years ago, Vardhman was ahead of its time considering the environmental and social impacts of the textile industry. Today, in addition to manufacturing a substantial line of organic-certified textiles, its comprehensive corporate responsibility program is industry-leading.


In the region where it manufactures, Vardhman funds 3 schools – including one with a class that scored 100% on its board exams. At one school, 10% of classroom seats are allotted to below-poverty-line students who attend for free. Students are trained to compete academically and athletically at a level on par with schools in major cities.



Vardhman organizes on-premise blood donation banks where all employees are encouraged to participate, disaster relief funding, and provides skills training to the underprivileged.


Water is the core ingredient in textiles and both reducing usage and the treatment of waste are crucial. Since implementing its CSR Plan, Vardhman has reduced water use by 50 percent in its spinning operations using metering systems. They have adopted equipment that delivers significant water savings and operate 8 treatment plans for effluent and 10 for sewage, ensuring that all waste is properly – and responsibly – treated.


In 2010, Vardhman began using renewable resources like biogas for bulk cooking purposes. Solar energy is also used at multiple business units.

Both Vardhman and ABC Morini put social and environmental responsibility on par with quality. Finding partners that are both dedicated to their craft and actively investing in innovation is harder than it sounds. The Daveed Way was designed to find and feature sustainable, responsible, high quality materials. And that’s exactly what we’ve done. Everything down to these finishings must align with our vision for our products and our future.