Purpose Meets Passion

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Origin Montréal, Canada

Established 1999


Make it or break it. We knew that whoever constructed our bags needed to be as uncompromising as we are. As obsessed with detail and intention. They needed to have deep expertise, be small enough to deliver small-batch quality. And we were looking for that je ne sais quois – that little something – to add some extra magic.

We didn’t have to look far. In fact, we found the A Team in our own backyard. As a family-run business with decades of experience, Rayata Accessories understood our focus on heritage. As one of the last luxury bag manufacturers in North America, their passion for the craft is as inspirational as the products they build. Plus, being located in the Europe of North America – Montréal, Québec – Rayata lives the balance between traditional and modern we infuse into our designs.

Rayata Stands Apart:

  • Rayata fuses hand craftsmanship with technology, utilizing advanced machinery that is impressive in a small-batch shop. This allows us to integrate unique features, like laser-engraving edition numbers on each bag, while preserving the nuance of hand-stitched leathercraft.
  • Using the traditional French method of edge-painting, Rayata handles our handles with knowledge and skills reserved for the most exclusive leather brands.
  • Heavy-duty polyester thread is imported from Germany via connections of Rayata. It’s costly, but worth it.
  • Many Rayata employees bring 20 to 40 years of experience to their work and come from Canadian, Middle Eastern, and European heritages.
  • With an extraordinary depth of knowledge in leatherwork, this team maximizes the quality of bags while minimizing waste.
Assembly crafting
A longtime employee hand-stitching interior pockets


Raymond Attayek is Rayata’s founding president and immigrant to Canada. He has been crafting luxury leather bags by hand for decades. He has an incredible eye (and obsession!) for detail, continuing to work on the shop floor to ensure that every stitch is flawless.

While working for top fashion houses before Daveed, our Head of Product had heard of Rayata’s exceptional knowledge and high quality assembly. However, as the rest of the industry seemed to be favouring low cost over high quality, there was never an opportunity to engage Mr. Attayek’s team. Until now.

“The rest of the industry seemed to be favouring low cost over high quality.”

An Ethical Journey

The province of Québec, and Canada as a whole, has some of the strongest labour laws in the world. Rayata Accessories not only meets these stringent requirements, it seeks to exceed them. While leather is a passion, Rayata’s people are the priority.

The company has built a family atmosphere and employees enjoy competitive wages and benefits like extended summer holidays. The Rayata facility features an abundance of natural light and the inspiration of European-flavoured Montréal, making for an exceptional workplace.

The heart-breaking conditions found in many factories that stitch luxury leather bags are abhorrent to us. Rayata’s commitment to quality means never compromising the safety, security, or integrity of their people.