Our Process

The Daveed Way

Our heart is rooted in the past, our eyes are focused on the future, and our soul is firmly present. This is The Daveed Way.

Only 2-3 new products are designed per year, so thoughtfulness prevails

Step 1: Design

The last thing the world needs is more: more things, more waste, more luxury leather bags. Our experience in the industry allows us to design classic silhouettes updated with 21st-century functionality and lifelong durability, so your first bag with us is your last. The materials we use fuse exceptional quality with sustainability: and if those materials don’t exist, we engineer them ourselves. This ethos of sense, substance, and soul is ingrained in us, and in each element of each bag.

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Primary hides only: quality control occuring in northern Germany

Step 2: Nixburg Bullskin®

Of the thousands of leathers on the market, none came close to meeting our criteria: soft but still structured, natural but not rugged, each hide refined and one-of-a-kind. When we found a rare hide that was close in substance, the toxic production process and lack of transparency surrounding the source of the hides were deal breakers. It seemed like our vision for what leather could be was simply too bold. Until we caught a break. It all started in a village in northern Germany…

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Swiss-made, hand-finished zippers are prepared for install

Step 3: Riri Metal 6 Zips

Our hand-finished Riri Metal 6 zippers are expensive and take a long time to custom-make, but for good reason: they are the smoothest in the world. These Swiss-made zips operate with the precision and perfection of a fine watch. You can see, and feel, the difference immediately. Plus, large pullers with circular holes allow for easy grip – and even one-handed openings when you’re on the go.

Why Metal 6 Is #1

Pop-coloured linings add inner flair to Daveed bags

Step 4: Finishings

We are bold thinkers — with a meticulous eye for detail. Daveed’s finishings infuse character and joy into your bag, along with industry-leading longevity. Frustrated with nylon interiors, we unconventionally turned to a thick organic twill (most commonly used in chef’s uniforms!) for our linings. These fabrics are durable, boldly coloured, and produced by a groundbreaking mill in India whose story will make your heart sing. Plus, Italian swivel clips and snaps from Tuscany to top it off.

Only the world’s finest finishings created by progressive, bold, and honest partners.

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Precise holes allow for the careful insertion of D rings

Step 5: Assembly

Now we need to bring the pieces together, to honour the beliefs and the process on which we have built Daveed. Committed to small batch brilliance, we found an assembly partner who is as passionate (and obsessive) about quality and details as we are. Fusing classic craftsmanship and European training (think: beautifully sealed handles) with Canadian-made pride, this family-run company understands The Daveed Way. Their workmanship is matched only by their commitment to providing a healthy, ethical workplace.

Made in Montréal

Preparation for final quality control and shipment

Step 6: Packaging

We want your Daveed bag to arrive with the same spirit and intentionality with which it was made. Packaging is not an addendum to our process, but rather an integral part of The Daveed Way. From the versatile (and beautiful) organic cotton drawstring cover that comes with every bag to the low-profile recyclable box, we believe in luxury packaging without the toxicity.

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