Riri Metal 6 Zippers

Group 6 Copy 7

Origin Mendrisio, Switzerland

Certification Swiss Technology Award

Established 1936


Carlos Santana. Puppy Memes. Inbox Zero. Add one new thing to the list of life’s great joys: a zipper that glides open like its only job is to make you happy. Daveed uses the world’s smoothest zips: The Riri Metal 6. These Swiss-made and hand-finished zippers aren’t common, because they take a long time to custom-make, and it’s expensive to do so.

But we don’t settle for “good enough” in life, and know you don’t either. And given that broken zips are the #1 cause of failure on fashion items, we know the investment we’ve made on your behalf will pay dividends. You’ll believe it when you feel it.

Unique Features:

  • Swiss-Made: The Riri Metal 6 Zipper is made in Switzerland and each one is still finished by hand
  • Size and Substance: It’s of substantial size and weight, yet opens exceptionally smoothly
  • Smooth and Simple: Large pullers with circular holes allow for easy grip – and even one-handed openings when you’re on the go
  • Skin-Friendly: Nickel-free composition prevents skin reactions in the 10% of folks sensitive to nickel
  • Meet in the Middle: Our core styles include an exterior two-way, two-puller version – allowing you to pack your bag fully without having to force the zipper shut
  • Inner Flair: Styles with inside zippers include a blue herringbone pattern to add pop
Photo of man working on leather
The hand-finished zippers are individually glued


Founded in 1936, Riri has perfected the art of precision. In a country known for mastering small components — Switzerland — their hand-finished zippers are as well-crafted and reliable as a Swiss watch. They were the first to patent the die cast zipper on nylon, putting teeth and tape into one piece, thus reducing error rates and defects, and they are the winner of the coveted Swiss Technology Award.

“In a country known for mastering small components — Switzerland — their hand-finished zippers are as well-crafted and reliable as a Swiss watch.”

Ethics and Sustainability

Riri’s core value is “Excellence in Details.” A value we share wholeheartedly. To the renowned zipper manufacturer, awareness of the social and environmental impacts of business is essential. But not enough. They are committed to making a difference with action, transparency, and careful monitoring.

Riri has taken aggressive strides to imbue every step of their manufacturing process, from design and sourcing to transport, waste management, and energy use. They have committed to collecting objective data on their practices, monitoring their activities in five impact categories, and making strategic changes that bear tangible results:

  • Human Health
  • Quality of the Ecosystem
  • Climate Change
  • Use of Resources
  • Water Consumption

Riri Metal 6 Zippers are built for life – making them a natural fit for our bags. Excellence is in the details, and these zippers add exceptional functionality, practicality, durability, and quality that you will carry proudly for years.