Travel Duffle


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Carry yourself with confidence. Carry this bag because it’s unexpectedly large and durable. With 3-5 days of carry-on approved capacity, plus a 15” internal padded laptop sleeve, it’s perfect for travel, work, and gym. Carry on.

Travel Duffle $645.00

  • 15” snap-closure laptop compartment
  • Interior zippered compartment
  • Hidden zippered passport pocket
  • Foam-cushioned adjustable non-slip shoulder strap
  • Suitcase attachment
  • Reinforced leather corners and feet
  • Full-grain German-made Nixburg Bullskin®
  • Swiss-made Riri Metal 6 Zippers
  • Small-batch manufacturing in Montreal

Weight: 5 lbs
Measurements: 18” L x 15” H x 10” W (27” L unsnapped)

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Size Matters
Packs an unexpected 45L (12 Gallons) of space. That’s room for 3-5 days of fun.

Carry-On Approved
Attaches to your suitcase and fits in an overhead bin. Live life hands-free.

Keep It Together
A 15” padded laptop sleeve makes this the only bag you’ll ever need.

  • Features
  • Materials

On A Roll

Luggage attachment slides over suitcase handles, streamlining your travel experience.

Room With a View

Seriously roomy, it’s easy to pack and comfortable to carry.

Expect the Unexpected

Need extra space? Unsnap the corners to unlock additional capacity. Plus, folds flat for smart storage.

Infused With Spirit


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Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Tyler Ong
Quality and Value

Bought the Slim Briefcase and Travel Duffle after both watching YouTube videos and comparing with other brands/products online on the materials used and design. First impression upon receiving - similar to the Slim Briefcase, this may even come across as softer and more "pliable" given the larger piece of leather and less structure compared to the Slim Briefcase. You can feel how much leather has been used on this as the weight makes the bag naturally 'drape' when there's nothing inside, and while this means it doesn't stand up straight and hold its shape when there's nothing in it, it's probably intentionally designed to be flexible enough to mold to whatever you put in the bag - ultimately you'd rather your fully loaded duffle to look more like a pillow than a carton box. I haven't had a chance to use it yet but it definitely makes me look forward to travel even more now to get more use out of this.

Nathalie MICHAUD

very good

FNU Mrithyunjaya

The leather is really soft especially the travel pouch.

Andy Keetch

Best Duffel for the money on the market by a mile!

Darren Munro
5 Star

Usually I don’t write reviews but I’m stunned that I don’t hear or see more about these bags. They’re too good to be ignored frankly, so I’m doing my bit.
I recently bought the Duffle Bag and I actually couldn’t believe how beautiful the leather was.
The standard of the detailing across the board is of such high quality, from lining to zippers, stitching to structure - It’s fantastic. It’s a great deal bigger than I thought it would be but I’ve found it looks equally good both half empty and fully packed out. The laptop sleeve is well padded and the pockets have depth and dimension to actually fit things in and remove them without hassle. I was a little apprehensive about the riri zippers because you always seem to hear about YKK being the best, but the riri ones are fantastic – it’s not aquaguard or anything but they do a job and the leather itself is weather resistant (I mean, it’s leather). I was also apprehensive about travelling with something this nice because im a pretty clumsy traveller and I don’t need anything else to worry about, such as scratching the leather. Ultimately, who cares, it’s character, right? You can’t be precious about these things otherwise they’ll never leave the house and you’ll never really enjoy them, so I got over that quickly enough.
I also happened to have had the opportunity to talk to Andrew, the founder, and I can attest to how passionate he is about the product range, and I’m glad to say he’s also a very nice man.
Shortly after I received the duffle, I also bought the backpack, knowing I’d have to pay the extra customs charges – I just couldn’t help myself.
All in all it’s been a pleasure dealing with Daveed, from the pro-active customer service to the absolute quality of the product line, I couldn’t be happier. Although delivery experiences will be different for everyone, in my personal experience it’s worth noting that the time between purchase and arrival was incredibly fast, especially given the distance and circumstances right now (Holiday Period 2020), however, frankly I’d say the bags were worth an extended wait for anyone out there on the fence.
I now own three things from Daveed but I’ll still be interested in any updated or future lines – it’s really that good. 5 stars from new convert. Couldn’t recommend highly enough.