Shipping & Warranty


We ship free within the United States, Canada, Singapore, the UK, many parts of Europe, Hong Kong, and Australia.

Outside of Canada, you will not pay any sales taxes. In Canada only, customers will pay sales taxes. In the remainder of the world, you will not pay any Canadian sales taxes, but any import duties, VAT, and other local taxes are your responsibility if they exist. There are guaranteed to be NO duties, taxes, or shipping charges on US orders!

Note: If the package is rejected by you, or after a minimum of 3 delivery attempts you (or a doorperson) does not accept it, the package will be sent back to us, and your order refunded, less the roundtrip (2-way) shipping charges incurred by LeDaveed to ship the package to and back from your destination. This is an exceedingly rare occurrence, but please note this policy! We also strongly recommend you provide a phone number at checkout, so the delivery service used can contact you by phone if needed. 

Free 30-Day Returns and Exchanges

On items that were purchased at regular price by customers in continental North America, we accept returns and exchanges within 30 days if the product is in unused, original condition with all original packaging. In these circumstances, we will pay for tracked shipping back to our Toronto, Canada HQ at no cost to you. There is no restocking fee. Outside of North America, you are responsible for any return shipping. Of course, if we made a mistake, we'll make it right by covering the charges.

If your item was purchased at a rare discount on our website (anywhere in the world), 30-day returns and exchanges are still accepted, but we will deduct the return shipping back to our Toronto HQ from any refund or bill you for this shipment if it's an exchange. This generally ranges from $15 to $20 in North America if you allow us to prepare the labels for you with our system and rates, so it's not a big risk to you to buy the product to see what it feels like! There is no restocking fee. If the item is damaged or found to be used, there will be no refund. Of course, if it's an error on our part, we'll pay for the return shipping, and reshipment of a new product if an exchange occurs. 

Contact to coordinate a return and let us help you with the shipping labels to streamline the process. Please note that we strongly advise you to obtain a tracking number, as in all cases the product is your responsibility until it is back in our hands in original unused condition! 

Warranty & Repairs

As a Certified B Corporation, a key part of our mission involves making things that last so they don’t have to be thrown out. Our design process incorporates this philosophy. We also believe in transparency, and our warranty and repair policies are written in clear, understandable language to provide you with comfort.

Defects are extremely rare at our manufacturer, but they aren't impossible. One way we stand behind our products in the form of warranty. We warranty products bought on our website and through authorized channels against manufacturers’ defects for two years from the date of purchase. This is an international warranty.

Under this warranty, if any of our leather products are defective in material or workmanship, under normal use anytime within the first two years, we will replace the item free of charge with the same or comparable product. The warranty does not cover normal product wear and tear or the natural aging of materials. It does not cover the abuse or neglect of your product, or accidents related to it.

It’s pretty easy to tell whether something is a defect, or normal wear and tear. A defect would include, for example, a handle falling off without explanation, a zipper busting even though there hasn’t been undue pressure put on it, or edge paint wearing away in the first couple of weeks.

In addition, we work closely with our supply chain partners to offer an exceptional repair program that we feel is industry-leading.

Companies often advise customers not to attempt repairing their products, or it will void the warranty. We don't agree with this. Feel free e-mail us for some tips on how to repair your bag if damage is minor, and we'll help you out.

As well, if you feel that your LeDaveed item is in need of repair, and you don’t feel you can fix it – we will. We’ll send you a shipping label, and you can send it back to us. We’ll quote you on a nominal repair charge – meaning we won’t make a cent from it, and we’ll eat the costs of the administrative processing – and you can have it back so that it continues to age beautifully with you. We want to be explicit that this includes repairs that fall out of the warranty period. Some of these repairs (but not all of them) are ones that can be done for free. Regardless, it is almost always most economical to fix your bag. In our minds, with very few exceptions, the only reason you should have to buy a new bag is because you want a new color, style, or gift - not because your old one is in disrepair. 

Leather Care

Our bags should last a long time if they are looked after. Note that as a natural ingredient, full-grain leather wears naturally over time, and this is part of its appeal. That includes natural markings and scratches – all indications that your bag is on a journey through life with you. Just like all things natural, a little maintenance will go a long way. Ideally, your bag shouldn’t be left out in the sun for hours at a time. Use a leather moisturizer every 4-6 months so it doesn’t dry out or crack, and don’t apply heat to your leather if it gets wet. Since our leather is water resistant, you can just gently pat it dry with a towel if you need to!